Abloy Asks, “When Is A Key More Than Just A Key?” In New Video

Company ABLOY UK
Date 09.07.2018

Security expert Abloy UK has launched a new video aimed at key Critical National Infrastructure decision makers, asking the question, “when is a key more than just a key?”

The informative video centres on how much time, money and energy is wasted by companies who have contractors travelling between sites only to find they don’t have the correct key to access assets. It also looks at the implications that lost keys can have, including the negative impact on operational efficiency and possible disruption to critical services.

Offering a solution in the form of CLIQ® technology, Abloy explains that with this system service jobs can easily be assigned, and audit trails can be tracked while contractors are on the move. What’s more, service job costs can be verified meaning spend can be effectively controlled.

With CLIQ®, access to multiple sites and equipment can be validated and controlled, with anomalies reported in real time for enhanced security. Access rights can even be updated securely via a smartphone, utilising highly encrypted Bluetooth technology.

CLIQ® also integrates with existing systems such as H&S, Compliance and Permit To Work, so competencies can be verified before access is granted.

All this means aborted journeys can be substantially reduced, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, while offering an excellent return on investment and contributing to corporate sustainability targets. Downtime is also minimised and the risk of lost keys is eliminated, offering a future-proof security solution – CLIQ® technology has converted the key into a Credential.

To learn more, watch the video here:

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