ADB SAFEGATE launches new software tool for successful end-to-end integration

Date 26.10.2017

A-Lytics is a dashboard and analytics tool that enables performance measurement to seek constant improvement within airport integration

As airports focus on becoming more efficient, they need to closely monitor their daily operations as well as pay close attention to what elements influence performance. A-Lytics depicts elements including the precise time the plane docks, its on-time performance and the timings of all activities around preparing the plane for departure. Information is presented in such an easy to view manner that it allows operators to fully understand what is happening at any point of time, helping airports and airlines take corrective action and implement solutions that increase airport, airline and service provider performance and efficiencies.

“Inefficiencies at an airport are typically the result of lack of communication between different stakeholders, for example those responsible for ground handling and luggage versus others in charge of another aspect of the turnaround status. If we combine all stages of the flight process and the hidden data within the same, it can be visualized how they relate to each other and then we can have a clear view on where improvements can be made and the process can be streamlined. A-Lytics is the ideal tool to make operational efficiency, or lack of it, visible to the airport, airline, ANSP and ground handler,” said Fredrik Johansson, Senior Advisor A-Lytics.

“This year we have made huge strides with our Airport Performance strategy that looks to break the siloed thinking between airfield, tower and gate, to emerge as the industry’s leading turnkey airport integrator. A-Lytics is the newest element in our strategy to measure all the other elements of our integration approach. We have leveraged our expertise across key domains to develop a specialized data analytics tool that will become an essential feature of the airport’s operational and facility management cockpit,” said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB SAFEGATE.


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