The most advanced Baggage Sorting System in North America by ALSTEF Automation S.A.

Company ALSTEF Automation S.A.
Date 26.01.2017

Specially designed by ALSTEF to meet the specific requirements of the Canada/US trans-border terminal, this baggage handling system integrates the most advanced technologies in baggage handling equipment and management software.

Characteristics of the Canada/US Trans-Border Terminal

To enable passengers leaving Montreal to fly directly to US airports with no international transit, Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) has built a trans-border terminal (pre-clearance procedure) where passengers cross the Canada/US border before taking their flight. This pre-clearance procedure enables US Customs Officers to screen bags after they have been checked in. This is achieved automatically with the baggage handling system designed by ALSTEF (previously passengers had to go through all controls and the duty free area carrying their bags).

Baggage Screening and Sorting

Passengers check in their bags and drop them at operator-assisted drop-off points. Bags are identified with bar codes printed on the bag tag and delivered to the baggage room by elevators, to a circuit of more than 2 km of tracks that carry individual DCVs (Destination Coded Vehicles). These DCVs transport each single bag through all controls (radiation detectors, imaging, weighing, XRAY and tomography machines). Bags are then individually stored until a decision is made by the Custom Officer. They are either sent to a room to be manually searched in the presence of the passenger, or routed directly to the chute associated with the passenger flight.

Complete Baggage and Passenger Tracking by BAGWARE®, the Software developed by ALSTEF

BAGWARE®, a baggage management and sorting software, tracks the bag from the drop-off point, through all controls and to storage, up to the destination chute. A passenger/baggage tracking module has been developed to ensure simultaneous tracking of the passenger and his bag, and to display baggage information for the Customs Officer on scanning of the passenger boarding pass.


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