CS will, in the frame of the N-VCS Contract, replace the CDG airport backup system with the IP-based VCS product CSoIP

Company CS
Date 27.06.2013

As part of N-VCS contract held by FREQUENTIS, CS will provide ANSP DSNA with state of the art EUROCAE ED137B compliant VCS solution CSoIP for PARIS-CDG Airport. The furnished equipment will be deployed as a backup system on the control premises (towers and APP) composing the Parisian airport.

This program aims at replacing the existing aging radio VCS backup system currently in operation with CSoIP: a high level IP-based solution compliant with latest EUROCAE standards. As a result of customer request, CSoIP features whole set of functionalities defined by FABEC concept specifications and accommodates related requirements in terms of performances and interfaces.

CSoIP is a reliable and secured VCS solution, providing outstanding communication performances and featuring extensive functionalities in Radio, Telephone and Intercom fields. CSoIP, engineered around a flexible distributed architecture, operates in accordance with the IP standard ED137 while ensuring full compatibility with legacy non-IP infrastructures by means of smart IP gateways. Besides, as a consequence of the strict respect of the ED153 EUROCAE standard (guaranteeing SWAL3 compliance), CSoIP stands as a fully reliable solution designed to deliver non-stop high-level and secured ATC services.

“Through this new agreement, CS demonstrates the ability of its flagship VCS solution to perfectly comply with ANSPs expectations on technical and operational level alike. We are proud to strengthen our position as a major worldwide VCS supplier accommodating, by mean of a unique flexible VCS product, civil and military Air Traffic Control centers needs. CS remains committed to serving our customers and partners across the globe” said Frederic Dussart, deputy director of the Defence, Security & ATM Business Unit.

In the aftermath of the VCSda program intending to equip more than 25 regional airports and NVCS contract award (as a subcontractor) to deliver FABEC compliant VCS backup capabilities to the five French En-route center, CS demonstrates, through this new agreement involving one of the world largest airport, the ability of its VCS product CSoIP to efficiently meet large range of various requirements stemming from any type of civil Air Traffic Control facility.

Furthermore, as far as military oriented activities are concerned, CS keeps deploying CSoIP product in the frame of several large-scaled projects undertaken by main European military authorities such as NATO and DGA (French Government Defence procurement agency).

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