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Company Fluid Transfer International
Date 17.08.2011

Electrically Driven Hydrant Dispenser

FTI founded in 1967 and with almost 44 years’ experience of building aviation refuelling equipment, Fluid Transfer International ( FTi ) is constantly listening to and reacting upon our customers key drivers in relation to performance, value and more recently environmental factors. The FT RAZER “Rechargeable Aircraft Zero Emission Refuelling” is the result.

Electric drive means zero emissions, no engine idling, low cost charging (potentially no more than £1.50 for 13 hrs. of running) as well as smooth and quiet running.

The refuelling functionality and performance is equal to any conventional diesel driven unit.

Being a hydrant dispenser with performance equal to that of any conventional diesel driven unit, any airport operating a hydrant system and with an eye on efficiency, costs and environmental impact will be interested

The 1st FT RAZER has been purchased by London’s Stansted Into Plane Company a Joint venture with 5 of the major Oil Companies. Andy Chandler, Operations Manager, is extremely pleased with all aspects of the Eco-friendly FT RAZERS performance. Other  Interested into-plane operators and oil companies are visiting and monitoring its performance closely and so far the feed back is nothing but positive !

This vehicle is ultra-low profile for refuelling of low wing “low Cost” aircraft however

FTi are currently in development of the “bigger brother” version to refuel the A380 with higher flow rate and platform reach. As battery technology improves and cost of high specification batteries comes down then we expect ever greater operational use per charge and lower recharge costs.


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