Airport Baggage Handling, Screening, Sorting & Drop Off Systems

Company ALSTEF Automation S.A.
Date 19.03.2015

BAGXPress lite, the latest design of automatic baggage drop-off in demonstration on ALSTEF Stand at the PASSENGER TERMINAL EXPO 2015 in Paris

BAGXPress lite® is the solution developed by ALSTEF to meet the requirements of airports operators and airlines for flexibility of check-in modes. The check-in desk is designed to allow the baggage drop-off to be processed by an agent at the counter or by the passengers themselves.

Depending on their needs, airlines will choose the assisted or self-service mode. Each BAGXPress lite® is generic and available for all the airlines. Its design is adaptable to existing counters for a simple and efficient operation.

The advantages of BAGXPress lite are the reliability and the availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a better management of resources dedicated to baggage check-in, space saved in check-in areas.

BAGXPress lite® is CUSS compliant. Additional functions like ID reader, payment terminal for extra weight and E. Services can be proposed.


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