Airports & Airlines News September 2018

Company EASIER
Date 06.09.2018

Boosting passenger satisfaction through technology

IER designs and implements technology and services to deliver an enhanced passenger experience at every touchpoint – from the moment a passenger steps into the airport to the boarding of his flight – based on exclusive hardware, software and services. Passengers can enjoy well-designed self-service technologies that decreases wait times, increases throughput and empowers them with a feeling of control.


US EXIT: Single token biometrics from check-in to bag drop to boarding

Introducing innovative ways of using biometric technology to provide better enforcement and enhanced experience for travelers, from check-in to US Exit

And also

  • IER fully automated Bag Drop solution
  • IER 710, Automated Gate for Security Checks, Boarding and Border Control with embedded biometric devices
  • IER 919 and i920, High Availability Multi-Service Kiosks
  • i420, Compact Boarding Pass/Bag Tag Printer

Come and experience the biometric virtual airport journey on IER booth #D13 at FTE

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