ALS Logistic Solutions - Retrospectives on 2016

Company ALS Logistic Solutions
Date 23.03.2017

At the end of last year, I was requested to make an effort and write down my thoughts as I reflect on how the year has gone for me, professionally, personally and all that.

As far as my memory serves, 2016 was not the best we have seen in all ways, it started off on a bad note and ended up worse. From the business and political perspectives, it was a year to remember for sure.

A Retrospective on Middle East Business

There were lots of challenges in terms of business acquisition and we have seen a lot of contracts cancelled or put on hold, most of them indefinitely. Unexpectedly we have seen major customers affected by the low oil prices and in turn the whole supply chain and logistics market was affected. Uncertainty will be carried on in 2017 but I am hopeful that we will survive this cyclone and come out stronger.

A Retrospective on World Politics

The geopolitical situation in the Middle East is heading into a darker future with wars waging in many countries and lots of innocent lives lost – it’s a shame to see how human beings are becoming so unhuman.

Brexit, President Trump and other major events could shape the coming year both positive and negative ways. I remain hopeful that the market will not react with total negativity and I see a bright light ahead.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I think that the above do cover my thoughts of the previous year in general, without going into way too much details.

The year has provided many surprises for all of us as well as a great deal of joy and new horizons for 2017 which I suspect may not necessarily be a very happy one when we look back at 350 days later however I do always remain positive.


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