ASC and SkySoft offer an integrated solution

Company ASC Technologies AG
Date 19.10.2017

An efficient recording solution is essential to air navigation service providers (ANSPs) for compliance recording, post-incident analysis, training purposes, and technical investigation.

ASC and SkySoft-ATM, a Swiss-based subsidiary of Skyguide (Swiss Air Navigation) and provider of air traffic control recording, offer an integrated solution for the synchronized recording and replay of voice, video, and radar data. The interface between both platforms has successfully been implemented. SkySoft as the leading platform of this integration is capable to manage and save ASC recordings through a gateway which handles requests from/to the ASC system and from/to the SkySoft system.

The solution has been tailored to answer the needs of air traffic control towers as it records and analyzes voice, video, and radar data on a single platform.


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