Astrophysics, Inc. X-ray Equipment Installed at Metropolitan Water District

Company Astrophysics, Inc.
Date 03.01.2018

Units Will Screen Board Meeting Attendees and Visitors

Astrophysics, Inc.(Astrophysics) recently installed X-ray security equipment at the Metropolitan Water District’s Los Angeles, California headquarters. The checkpoint equipment will be used to screen visitors at the agency’s Board of Directors meetings and special events.

The X-ray equipment that was delivered and installed is outfitted with a mobility kit to allow for easy relocation inside the headquarters. The kit includes heavy-duty wheels, stainless steel handles and a lockable operator control panel that folds seamlessly into the system when not in use. This mobility kit gives operators the flexibility to move the equipment to wherever it is needed and easily adapt to changing security needs.

Astrophysics, Inc. CEO Francois Zayek commented: “For many years it has been Astrophysics’ honor to protect the critical infrastructure of the United States. I am very proud that the Metropolitan Water District chose us to assist them in the protection of their headquarters, staff and visitors.”


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