The Benefits of Body Worn Cameras in the Security Industry

Company Edesix Ltd
Date 28.06.2016

Body worn cameras have become an important element of the preventative measures police use to protect their officers, by diffusing aggression early in a confrontation. After seeing the success of initiatives put in place by the police, private companies began to follow suit, especially in the security industry.

Due to the success of BWC roll-outs in police, security companies began using BWCs, finding evident benefits from doing so. Security services benefit from many similar features that are of assistance to police. In this way, using BWC helps security companies on a multitude of fronts. The presence of the camera, which records evidential quality video and audio, has been proven to minimise physical and verbal attacks, due to the change in behaviour when people know they are being recorded. It also serves as an independent witness to help resolve complaints and disputes quickly and fairly.

Similarly, thanks to an audit trail which allows companies to know which staff member is using each camera, the automatic encryption of the footage allows it to be presented as court-ready evidence. Body Worn Cameras allow for interactions with the public to be entirely transparent and can debunk false claims. A number of large multinational security companies have already trialed and implemented Body Worn Cameras, to great effect.

With the new innovations pioneered by the Edesix VideoBadge, using a BWC to aid in a security set-up is easier and more effective than ever. The VideoBadge VB-300 series of camera has the ability to wirelessly upload footage, as well as connect to an existing CCTV platform. As Edesix is partnered to the Genetec security center software, it allows for more companies to integrate a BWC into their security solution, thereby making the job of their security staff that much safer. Moreover, with software like Edesix’s VideoManager, it’s even easier to create and edit incidents and to bookmark events of importance, instead of watching through hours of recorded footage. All of these factors combine to make BWC an obviously beneficial addition to security companies’ set up.

Having been thoroughly field-tested by security staff in a multitude of environments, VideoBadge Body Worn Cameras have proven themselves to be of benefit during challenging situations and incidents.


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