BEUMER Group's availability management makes sure that your machines run without interruption: We keep your systems running

Company BEUMER Group
Date 30.08.2018

Companies continue to develop and implement new innovations, shortening the life cycles of individual products and product series. Market developments can also make it necessary to implement the newly developed components into the existing systems. As a result, manufacturers have to increasingly phase out components and technologies. For these cases, BEUMER Group provides their customers with several solution packages so their systems can run without interruption.

A typical example is the development of energy-efficient motors. After an initial market launch, a manufacturer generally phases out previous product generations, which means that they are no longer available for parts supply. New drives are often not compatible with the predecessor models, having for example a different start-up behaviour. In these cases, BEUMER Group customer support provides its customers with targeted engineering and service measures. They are easy to plan and help prevent system downtimes. This means that even older systems can remain operational for many years for BEUMER customers.

Enough supplies for a long operating time
One of these measures is the so-called “last-buy campaign”: “Our customers stock up on the original components or comparable parts prior to the discontinuation notice so that they can continue to use the system,” explains Guido Hesse, Director Customer Support in Beckum, Germany. “We ensure a consistently operational solution, following the slogan: we keep you running.”

Another approach are comparable components that BEUMER provides its customers. The engineering and service departments work closely together: these experts identify and test individual parts and supply them quickly. This means that BEUMER Group can ensure the continued operation of the customer’s systems, even after a discontinuation. With this trustworthy approach, BEUMER provides reliable solutions to maintain system availability.

With the launch of a new component generation comes the occasional need to adjust system control as well requiring new commissioning. BEUMER Group assists here as well.

Systems (almost) for eternity
An interesting application took place recently at a German airport: the baggage conveying system installed by BEUMER is over 20 years old. The programming language of the control technology is no longer state-of-the art. When the airport decided to continue to use the existing technology for another five years with the help from the BEUMER Group customer support, the challenge was to find an expert who is familiar with the dated programming language. A challenge that was quickly resolved. “We could find an already retired, but still motivated colleague who was able to do the reprogramming,” remembers Guido Hesse. “Everybody was happy.”


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