BGSE Group and Northern Air Systems Partnership

Company B GSE Group, LLC
Date 03.11.2018

BGSE Group and Northern Air Systems have partnered in a long-term agreement to provide the highest quality HVAC systems for the aviation market.

Northern Air Systems for 20 years has provided high quality HVAC Systems to the aviation, military, petroleum, and television broadcast industries. Northern Air Systems is a certified ISO 9001 Certified Company, a member of ASHRAE, and ACCA.

BGSE Group brings a long history of aviation specialized HVAC experience working with military and commercial customers, such as Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Sikorsky, US Navy, US Army, US Marine Corp, US Air Force, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines.

Northern Air Systems has thousands of units worldwide in all types of operating environments today. Northern Air Systems has the lowest downtime of any equipment available on the market today, Northern Air Systems has been a trusted name for quality and dependability. Northern Airs manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art CNC brakes and shears, tube bending, MIG and TIG welders. Northern Air Systems units can be utilized in all aviation configurations, bridge mounted, ground mounted, and mobile to military and commercial specifications.

Northern Airs units supply up to 14” hose supplies, heating is available on all units. R-410A refrigerant is standard, others available upon request. We can match any color requirements the customer can have, even Stainless Steel if required. As well match to the demanding project requirements for our customers. Northern Air Systems specializes in explosion proof, Atex, Class1 Div2, Corrosion protected HVAC systems, pressurization equipment that meet N.E.C and I.E.C codes for explosion proof systems. Every Northern Air Systems unit is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory, as well all Northern Air Systems units are NRTL certified in accordance with UL, CSA and CE standards, and Intertek. All units are designed for 24-hour operation in high load demands, from -30⁰ to 125⁰ Fahrenheit.

BGSE Group will be the representative for Northern Air Systems in aviation HVAC projects. BGSE Group is a turn key supplier of HVAC systems for the commercial and military aviation markets. The partnership will be a good relationship for both companies, enabling both in capturing more of the marketplace utilizing Northern Airs Technical, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, paired with BGSE Groups ability to market and supply the highest quality turn key HVAC packages to the market place.

Both companies are excited about the capabilities, accomplishments, and attention to quality will allow both companies to bring to the marketplace.


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