BURRI public elements - Zurich Airport: Railway Station Terminal and Airside Centre

Company BURRI public elements
Date 21.06.2016

Burri flughafen-zurich-signage-img_9529-webControlling mobility perfectly through information

Energy efficiency, minimum maintenance, dependability, cost-effectiveness

The entire signage system was redesigned and redeveloped in line with  the scope of the international tender for the 5th Expansion Project of Zurich Airport.

The client demanded energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, reliability  and cost-effectiveness for the entire lifecycle.

Rapid  tool-free design conversion was particularly important, as constant signaling adjustments had already been required  during the construction phase.

In collaboration with the industrial design department of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners, London, BURRI developed a slim-line, variable and perfectly coordinated global system.

BURRI has developed, manufactured and locally installed innovative solutions.

New design standards determined  the minimum overall depth and  consistent illumination still required. The graphic design is by Designalltag Zurich.


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