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Company Rubb Buildings Ltd
Date 13.03.2017

Rubb’s insulated fabric buildings feature an innovative flexible insulated fabric cladding system, which provides many eco-friendly benefits in an increasingly energy conscious world.

Rubb has grown to become a leading supplier of complete fabric buildings and insulated structures for public and private sectors, with an emphasis on design innovation, ongoing development and attention to environmental issues.

Rubb’s Thermohall™ is a unique insulated fabric system which offers many advantages over other insulating systems:

  • High quality, heavy duty, durable PVC fabric
  • Non-combustible glass wool insulation, encapsulated in air and water tight pockets
  • Insulation depth from 50mm to 200mm
  • Thermohall™ cladding provides different levels of insulation U-Values
  • No thermal bridges or air gaps in the cladding, which reduces heat loss and helps eliminate condensation
  • Vacuum packaging reduces shipment volumes
  • Factory pre-fabrication offers significant labour savings on site and greatly reduces installation time

Thermohall™ Insulation U-Values

Rubb’s patented Thermohall™ insulated cladding is a proven solution to support climate controlled storage building projects, perfect for any storage facilities featuring heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Thermohall™ Projects

With more than 40 years’ experience of designing, manufacturing and constructing fabric buildings, Rubb has built up relationships with high profile clients across the globe.

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