Emulate3D October 2017 Newsletter - VR Robot Teach Environment

Company Emulate3D
Date 27.10.2017

Now That’s What I Call Mixed Reality (Part 2)
How To Program Robots Interactively in a Virtual Reality Environment

Program robots interactively within your Virtual Reality world by dragging the end effector or any robot limb into position with the controller, then registering the point as a line in your robot program. We developed this prototype in response to a user request and it neatly demonstrates the flexibility of the Emulate3D framework. You could add to the pendant controller buttons to reflect the way you create robot programs, or you can push and pull the robot into position to build up the movement sequence manually. The output from this is a program that runs not only in Emulate3D products, but which can also be exported and run in any standard robot controller or simulator.

Show user interaction with a green screen: We filmed the last third of the video against a green screen and used a real time video mixer to bring together the model and the operator in a way that demonstrates the interaction between the model and the operator. If you need to demonstrate operation of semi-automatic equipment to your clients or project stakeholders, there’s no better way.

Contact us now to find out how to use Emulate3D technology and virtual reality to accomplish this yourself.

Operate assembly machines and other equipment in a VR environment to present your solutions realistically, before they even exist – click here or on the image to see the video

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