Engineered Access Covers and Surface Water Drainage Systems

Company Gatic
Date 30.09.2010

Valencia Airport

Gatic Slotdrain was selected for use on this airport project, although a pre-cast polymer concrete channel had originally been specified. The airport authority (AENA) was looking for a drainage system that could withstand the daily rigorous of a modern airport, with constant and fast-moving heavy-duty loads exerted by aircraft and service vehicles. Once installed, Gatic Slotdrain is strong and durable and will not break down. This helps reduce long-term maintenance costs, since channel units will not require replacing.

Gatic provided a design proposal to the client and contractor that reduced the need to install over 900metres of underground pipe-work on the total project, compared with the original polymer concrete channel system design. This enabled the Spanish contractors to complete the installation approximately two months ahead of schedule, providing significant time and cost savings. Additional savings were also achieved since Gatic Slotdrain channels 150mm-400mm wide do not require steel reinforcing in the channel concrete surround for F900KN loading applications.

Gatic Slotdrain has now been installed on successive expansion phases at Valencia Airport.


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