ERA is releasing the E-learning platform for the users of its systems. The first presentation is planned at the exhibition Airspace World 2023

Company ERA Company
Date 06.03.2023

ERA company (a member of OMNIPOL group) takes another step into the digital era of the 21st century with a brand new learning management system in an interactive form called ERA Academy. The system will be accessible online 24/7 for ERA customers from anywhere around the world. The ERA team will introduce it to the ATM community while exhibiting at the Airspace World 2023 conference in Geneva, Switzerland, this week.

ERA Academy – Learning Management System by ERA allows for an efficient way of providing training materials and exercises to partners who have purchased ERA systems. The e-learning courses are an easy-to-use tool for educating technical personnel from the start or refreshing their knowledge, as their skills fade over time and need to be regularly updated.
ERA will therefore offer both basic and refresher trainings suitable for technicians, operators and instructors dealing with ERA systems. As a pilot, the training team presents the e-learning course for the ERA vehicle tracking system SQUID.

“When you choose any of our systems, you can rest assured ERA ensures its customers will have their personnel optimally trained to install and operate the equipment in the most efficient manner. Introducing the e-learning courses is yet another, cost-effective, way to achieve this goal,“ stated Pavel Horčička, Head of the Training Department.

ERA Academy is based on an interactive platform with a completely responsive design – i.e., it is optimized for computers, tablets, or cell phones. This ensures that the courses are available at any time and anywhere for all ERA system personnel. The courses provide mitigation of the risks caused by improper working procedures and help increase the lifespan of the equipment in terms of proper operation and maintenance.

ERA Academy courses pass on the needed knowledge using tools such as: videos and tutorials, full 3D animations and interactive exercises. A library of the manuals and user guides are also available as part of the learning management system. In each chapter of the course, the learning progress is checked with a short quiz and after completing the compulsory final test, the certificate is automatically issued to the user.


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