Frequentis eXplore Webinar on Integrated AMAN/DMAN

Date 10.10.2023

Upcoming: Frequentis eXplore Webinar on Integrated AMAN/DMAN

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We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming eXplore webinar on 25 October 2023 where you will have the opportunity to deep-dive into the world´s first Integrated AMAN/DMAN (IAD).

The Frequentis IAD improves operational efficiency and enhances air traffic controller decision-making processes, whilst achieving cost-savings and environmental benefits. The world’s first Integrated AMAN/DMAN has been taken into operation for the Singapore Changi Airport in 2021, delivering tangible benefits to CAAS.

Explore how:

•             IAD´s joint HMI supports common situational awareness

•             IAD supports coordination between tower and approach for runway closure

•             IAD optimises runway management

•             IAD allows for optimal planning of routes and airspace

•             IAD supports the user with automated advice

Stay tuned for first-hand expert insights, what is ahead for the Frequentis Traffic Optimisation solutions, how other stakeholders benefit from IAD and more.

Register here for our webinar and don’t miss out on this opportunity. We are looking forward to welcoming you!>


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