Hand Dryers For Airports - Birmingham City Airport Case Study by Airdri Limited

Company Airdri Limited
Date 22.06.2017

Birmingham Airport welcomes nine million passengers through its terminal each year, with footfall set to increase as demand grows, helped by a runway extension in early 2014. An increased length of 3,003 metres will enable aircraft to fly direct to many destinations currently out of reach.

First class washroom facilities are an important part of the passenger experience at airports. As there are so many people passing through the airport, hand-drying equipment needs to be both reliable and durable, whilst being easy to service and cost effective.

Hand dryer noise must be kept to a minimum to ensure that passengers and staff don’t miss vital security announcements. When Airdri launched its fast drying, energy efficient hand dryer, the Quartz, it seemed a perfect fit for the specific requirements of airports, as it also has the lowest noise levels in its class.

Deane Arnold, Contracts Manager for Birmingham Airport, explains: “The long life cycle of the Airdri Quartz hand dryer is an attractive proposition for us, but the real bonus is that the dryer is so energy efficient that it will have paid for itself within a 12-month period. The reduction in the noise level is a huge benefit too. If several hand dryers are in use simultaneously, alongside other products, this can be deafening. It’s something we’ve been waiting for hand dryer manufacturers to address for some time. Airdri Quartz is a perfect hand dryer for our airport’s demanding environment.”

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