Company IPS-Group A/S
Date 04.01.2023

Thickened paint stripper with peroxide activator and long shelf life.

Hydrogen peroxide activated gel-type aircraft paint remover free from phenols, chlorine & Cr(VI) that efficiently strips all types of paint. Reduces work time and number of applications. 

  • Free of phenols, chlorine, hexavalent chrome.
  • Limits the risk of health problems, enhances safety protocols and reduces environmental hazards usually linked to paint strippers containing dichloromethane, phenols, chromates or acids.
  • The viscosity has been adjusted to improve manual application and to cover all surfaces perfectly, even vertical or overhanging.
  • Specifically developed to ensure 18 months of shelf life.
  • High efficiency regarding removal of epoxy, polyurethane, alkydurethane and other paint systems.
  • Controlled evaporation to maintain a wet surface: enhance efficiency and ease the rinsing process.
  • Compatible with aluminium, titanium and steel alloys.

Please reach out to our dedicated staff for a product run-through or with specific questions and quote requests.


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