Limited Edition Marc Newson & Hennessy X.O Collaboration

Company Concourse Display Management
Date 05.09.2017

Described as one of the most influential designers of his generation, Marc Newson created a very special bottle design for the iconic Hennessy X.O. Horizontal rippling ridges gives a corrugated effect, highlighting the curves of the bottle while magnifying the liquid inside. Transparent packaging design allows the effect to be fully appreciated. Temptation has its rewards for shoppers who cannot resist touching these bottles as they become an integral part of the changing and immersive audio-visual experience! In Singapore Changi, Hong Kong, Taoyuan (Taiwan) and Incheon (South Korea) Airports.

It was important for us to bear in mind these different design features when adapting the design of the unit in order to accentuate these limited-edition bottles. The stripes of lighting on the different units compliments the ripples of the bottle and the curved edges of the display furnishings resonate with the curves of the bottles.

To promote the great story behind the Limited Edition by Marc Newson Hennessy campaign, the front central unit was designed to be highly interactive. The tempting-to-touch bottles are placed on sensor-pads that activate audio-visual messaging whenever a bottle is picked up.

These Marc Newson activations have been rolled out into Singapore Changi, Hong Kong, Taoyuan (Taiwan) and Incheon (South Korea) Airports so far. Starting with design adaption, CDM managed these activations all the way through to installation.


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