Live release webinar | Updates to leading airside planning, and operations software | AviPLAN 4.0

Company Transoft Solutions
Date 17.11.2022

A new version of AviPLAN, an airside planning, design and operations software by Transoft Solutions, is being released this month. On November 29, Transoft Solutions invites you to join the live release webinar and hear about the new exciting features, and see live simulations, of AviPLAN 4.0.

Highlights featuring in the live webinar include,


– Refined and expanded conflict analysis with apron safety line detection and reporting functionality. Now simpler to check regulation compliance at the stand and report to authorities.

– AviPLAN is now VTOL ready! Simulate and design vertiports, that are compliant with the preliminary EASA and FAA guidelines on vertiport design, with the VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft added to the AviPLAN library.

– Rotate stand lead-in lines with the new rotation option and achieve flexible movement and rotation around user-defined point or origin.

– IMPROVED! TaxiBot path simulation. More accurately model pushback operation and procedures performed by this newer type of airplane mover.

– Plus, more improved user features, including new display settings for the stand airplane cloud, stand adjacency conflicts, and platform compatibility updates.

Presented by Transoft Solutions’ Senior Product Managers, Bernard Goodworth and Michael Frost, register today to get a first glance at the new and improved features of the leading airside planning, design and operations software, AviPLAN.


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