Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport’s New Terminal 1: Commissioning of Phase 1 of the Baggage Handling System

Company ALSTEF Automation S.A.
Date 30.11.2017

ALSTEF just completed the commissioning of Phase 1 of the Lyon Project, and launched the associated maintenance contract.

The layout of the installation had to follow the circular architectural line of the new terminal. Phase 1 of the project includes 33 check-ins and 4 arrival carrousels in the public areas. It also includes in the restricted area the redundant sorting system, which is made of 3 carrousels linked to a Standard 3 baggage screening system.

The maintenance of the system is carried out by a team of ALSTEF Engineers and Technicians on site, who are also responsible for the maintenance of the baggage sorting systems in the other terminals of the airport.

This baggage sorting system was designed from the start to achieve the lowest possible operating costs, by reducing energy consumption, amongst other measures.

For example, not only the conveyors are fitted with IE4 rated motors, the highest efficiency geared motors equipped with an integrated variable speed drive, but also the automated system is programmed to reduce engine running time thanks to the «Wave concept». The baggage system is driven by BAGWare®, the management software developed by ALSTEF, which exchanges in real time with the supervision software BAGWare View. A dedicated control room regroups all of the supervision applications of the terminal.

Phase 2, which has just started, involves, among other things, the addition of check-ins and arrival carousels, and the installation of a Cross Belt automatic sorter, being the second sorter of this type installed in France by ALSTEF, after the one commissioned at EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse. The commissioning is scheduled for August 2018.


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