Materna - Biometry creates more convenience for air passengers

Company Materna Information & Communications SE
Date 26.05.2017

With their new solution for biometric identification, Materna is making travelling by plane a much more convenient experience for passengers. The whole travel procedure is now much simpler; from when you leave home until you get to your destination airport. Biometric processes can help during check-in and baggage drop, at the entrance to the departure area and the lounges and when boarding at the gate as well. Passengers can initiate the identification process themselves during web-check-in at home on their smartphones or directly at a kiosk when they get to the airport.

It is important that the process of enrolment is as convenient and pleasant as possible for the customer. That’s why only contact-free technologies which are based on face and iris recognition should be used today. The solution deployed by Materna uses a procedure for face recognition that users also find acceptable in practice.

From a technology point of view, the solution is also very convenient for the airport operators and airlines. The ease with which the biometry application can be integrated enables it to be integrated in many different airline and airport systems. The solution also uses so-called token-IDs which can be used to identify a passenger across different systems. This means Materna is in a position to serve all the different touchpoints during passenger handling and to complement them with biometric procedures.

With their new biometric solution, Materna also supports the concept presented by IATA, the sector association, of “One Identity”. The idea is, that in future, it should be possible to identify every passenger reliably with just one key recognition feature – ideally using a biometric token-ID. Materna also delivers other procedures such as fingerprint and iris recognition.


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