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Company Midstream Lighting
Date 21.02.2017

Midstream is a global leader in designing and supplying LED lighting for airport applications, which includes apron lighting, high-mast ramp illumination, illumination of cargo platforms, general aviation area lighting, car parks and large area lighting.

Midstream has been a pioneer of high quality LED projectors since 2010, and has built a reputation in the aviation market as the supplier of choice for major international hub airports as well as smaller regional airports around the world. We work with airports in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Australia, India, as well as airports in Latin America, Caribbean, Africa and SE Asia.

Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is a major international airport that was looking to implement new technologies to reduce energy and maintenance costs across its apron lighting system.

The lowerable crowns on 33m high masts allowed for an easy installation of our LED fittings which delivered 30 lux average lighting across the stand and cut energy demand by more than half.

  • 33m installation height
  • 30lux stand light levels
  • 55% energy savings


Heathrow Airport

Our LED high mast lighting system has been installed in Heathrow Terminal 5 since 2013, the first LED system used by Heathrow for their apron Lighting.

Visibility has been greatly increased for airside operations and feedback has been positive from pilots and ground staff.

  • 18m installation height
  • 25lux apron light levels
  • 60% energy savings

Glasgow Airport

Glasgow was the first major airport to replace all their apron high mast lighting with LEDs, generating great energy savings and increasing the light levels on the stands by a factor of 2.

The project was run in conjunction with Amey and Bradstone Lighting. Midstream was the supplier of lighting design and the LED system.

  • 61% Energy Savings
  • 236 Sodium projectors replace
  • 106kW System load reduced by

Gatwick Airport

Working in conjunction with major contractor Dyer and Butler Electrical we have supplied nearly 400 LED fittings which constitutes around half of all apron lighting at Gatwick Airport, the busiest single runway airport in the world.

Gatwick has achieved a 50% increase in apron light levels and majo reduction in energy and maintenance cost.

  • 50% Gatwick Airport converted to LEDs
  • 25lux New average light levels
  • 420w LED fitting fitting employed


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