MorphoFACE: the new facial recognition solution from Safran Identity & Security

Company Safran Identity & Security
Date 17.03.2017

Safran Identity & Security unveils its new solution for seamless face acquisition and on-the-spot identity verification at Passenger Terminal EXPO. Dedicated to private and public organizations, MorphoFACE integrates the company’s state-of-the-art face recognition technologies, ensuring a high level of accuracy.

MorphoFACE particularly* helps airports and border checkpoints deal with the increasing number of travellers by providing a fast and highly secure biometric solution for face capture and matching in one single connected device. Based on the latest 3D video analysis technology, this solution combines reliability and ergonomic to enable a steady and seamless flow of users.

The compact unit offers a completely non-intrusive experience for travelers. It features only fixed components and can more quickly capture a wide range of sizes and profiles than conventional solutions which must mechanically adjust before acquisition. In addition, MorphoFACE has anti-spoofing capabilities to deliver robust, convenient identity check (against an ID document) or person identification (against a list of persons of interest).

“In a globalized world where airports and border checkpoints are vital hubs, we believe that ‘on the move’ biometrics will play a key role in securing borders while reducing wait times and improving travel experience. With our offer, we are proud to contribute to make our borders safer and smarter,” said Samuel Fringant, Executive Vice President, Security Division at Safran Identity & Security.

MorphoFACE is an interoperable solution which can be integrated into existing environments (e-gates, self-bag drop systems, kiosks, etc.). It is available for customers as a turnkey solution or as an embeddable kit for third parties to design their own customized solutions.

Safran Identity & Security will present this new solution at Passenger Terminal EXPO (Hall 8- Booth 10060).

* MorphoFACE can also be used to secure sensitive sites, ports, train stations or financial institutions.


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