New projects at Softech: the development of new sensors based on LoRa (Long Range) technology begins!

Company Softech
Date 15.05.2019

Continuous innovation and customer orientation are two of the most important values for us at Softech, for this reason, in conjunction with the development of new projects, we evaluated new monitoring technologies to be integrated with our sensors.

Among all we have chosen to invest in LoRa technology (an acronym for “Long Range”) thanks to which we will be able to monitor and detect a greater number of factors in a qualitatively better way.

LoRa is a low-cost, energy-efficient network technology that transmits data over a wide area wirelessly, making it suitable for rugged locations, high-density urban environments or industrial campuses. It consumes about 15 times less energy than a cellular network. It is also extremely flexible and easy to install, because it requires only small gateways with antennas (

LoRaWAN is an LPWAN specification that allows battery-powered devices to connect to a long-range IoT (Internet of Things) network, using low bandwidth, in a regional, national or global network. This is a low-cost open standard. It is a free network that does not require subscriptions for data consumption.

It can be applied to our projects related to:

– Environmental Monitoring: verification of the quality of the air (CO, CO2, etc.) and of the environment (temperatures, humidity, brightness, noise, etc.) in the offices and around the airport.

– Smart Lighting: timely management of lighting points for correct dimming based on actual need. Knowledge of functional state of light points.

– Waste Management: measurement of the filling level of the bins, bins and organization / optimization of the waste collection service.

– Metering of People Flows: measure passenger flows in real time through the counting of Bluetooth and / or Wifi mobile devices in a specific area without intrusion into privacy.

– Smart Trackers: geo location and tracking of mobile objects (luggage trolleys, push-backs, etc.)

– Smart Metering: monitor energy consumption, control and measurement of fluid levels in tanks, tanks, etc.

– Smart Parking: identification of parking availability.

– Smart Security: monitoring the opening / closing of gates, fences, gates, doors.

Finally, LoRa sensors can also be applied in the field of safety: in fact, for each monitored factor it is possible to set a limit value; when the most recent data goes beyond this threshold, the system will send an alarm to the user (in the form of web notification, SMS, Telegram, etc.).

This last possibility of use, allows to verify that in a given place the number of people does not exceed the permitted limit, allowing compliance with safety regulations.

The data collected by the sensors are transferred to our systems which manage them together with all the other surveys carried out, allowing an integrated and complete monitoring, based on the latest generation technologies.


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