Noise Lab update

Company Casper Sustainable Aero Solutions
Date 30.06.2017

In 2016 Gatwick Airport initiated an Independent Review of Arrivals to consider whether everything that can reasonably be done to alleviate noise for local communities is being done.

As part of this review an assessment of how the Airport was dealing with complaints and providing information was undertaken. A number of recommendations were made all of which were adopted by the airport. These include the provision of an enhanced complaints policy with a fully transparent procedure using a web portal as the primary medium for contact.

As part of this improvement, the Gatwick Noise Lab portal was augmented with a noise complaint heat map. This map shows residents how many complaints are made in a certain area and indicates the main concerns of the people living there.

The new web page shows a map displaying the geographical distribution of complaints. The map shows postcode areas with the colour indicating the number of complaints from a particular area. By selecting one of these areas more details are displayed using several different graphs. These details give more insight into peoples’ concern and why they feel the need to complain.

  • • The top 3 aircraft that are with the most complaints
  • • Number of complaints per hour of the day
  • • Types of concerns and causes regarding the complaints

Check-out the new complaint map at the Gatwick Noise Lab website.

The new complaint heat map is now a standard feature of the Casper Noise Lab web portal. For more information on Casper Noise Lab, check out our website.


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