Pollite to launch new Frangible ILS Structures at Inter Airport Munich

Company Pollite
Date 25.09.2017

It is with great excitement that we announce the release of our new Frangible Glidepath Tower and Localiser support structures in time for Inter Airport Europe 2017. Having been developed with a number of airports and ILS manufacturers, our cutting edge design utilises the latest in composite technologies, combining a mix of fibreglass and carbon fibre.

Our Glidepath tower can be manufactured to a maximum of 17m and includes fully adjustable antennae mountings for fine tuning of the system prior to testing and commissioning. The entire system is designed for easy and rapid installation and makes use of our unique and fully approved frangibility technology.

As deflection is critical in the performance of the structures, all of our new products have been tested and designed using the latest in computerised simulations and finite element analysis.

Business Development Manager, Richard Landsbury, said, “Its hugely exciting for us to be further expanding our product portfolio into another hugely safety critical area on the airfield. Our whole team has worked extremely hard on this over the past few months to ensure we have the absolute best product we can, and I look forward to seeing this installed at airports across the globe.“

Richard, and other members of our team will be on hand on all days at InterAirport to discuss this further if required.

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