Sensors and Components for Runway Weather Information Systems

Runway Surface Weather: Webinar about Risk Reduction in Takeoff & Landing Assessment TALPA

Company G. Lufft Mess-und Regeltechnik
Date 17.07.2017

Most Efficient Runway Weather Control

Curious about the most efficient ways in runway weather control? Watch our on demand webinar about the latest measurement technology for runway weather detection and how to apply this in your TALPA applications/workflows. Don’t miss out!

Free Webinar about latest Technology of Mobile Runway Pavement Sensors

Watch this webinar and you will learn more about MARWIS, the compact, fast and digital sensor that can be mounted on all kinds of airport portal vehicles. It directly delivers the runway condition to mobile devices and stationary outputs such as in a control center (TWR). Therefore, it supports the airport operator in the patrol car during the runaway assessment without detours.

Our expert in aviation, Eric Cottone, will explain how MARWIS gets considerably more information to aviation professionals for their decision-making, automatically retrieving data, thus freeing precious time for the TALPA workflow.

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