S4GA will exhibit at ACI WAGA 2017, Mauritius 16-18 October 2017

Company S4GA
Date 04.10.2017

S4GA will participate in ACI Africa / World Annual General Assembly Conference and Exhibition which takes place on Mauritius, 16-18 October 2017.

The Company will present the first hybrid runway lighting system powered by both solar panel and 6.6A electrical grid. Visitors will have a chance to see other S4GA airfield lighting products – solar and portable lights for runways, helipads and obstruction.

Earlier S4GA has successfully delivered its aviation lights to Africa. Among the clients are SA Police, military airport in Libya, charter  company in Sierra Leone.

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If you are interested in solar airfield lighting and you have projects to discuss, please register HERE and meet S4GA team at ACI WAGA’17.

S4GA is a EU-based state-owned enterprise which designs, manufactures and supplies airfield lights to customers located in remote regions where electrical grid is unreliable or unavailable. We delivered LED airport lights to military, police, HEMS, regional airports and international airports from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and other regions. S4GA offers portable airfield lights, solar runway lighting, helipad lighting and solar obstruction aviation lights.


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