Silent Sentinel is pleased to offer their compact, continuous rotation PTZ camera, designed for temperature anomaly detection (TAD)

Company Silent Sentinel
Date 14.02.2020

The Oculus Radiometric is a ready to go, rapidly deployable, compact surveillance solution used for temperature scanning. The platform consists of a fixed uncooled (LWIR) radiometric thermal camera, HD visible video, with an integrated facial recognition system. 

This portable system, is designed to detect personnel with abnormal body temperatures, alert the monitoring station, and capture a high definition image of the subject. The facial recognition software stores the image until such time that the subject can be identified and can be used to track individuals through the main CCTV network.

The user can select the specific temperature range to be monitored, minimising false alerts and overlay configuration pre-sets prior to deployment to facilitate an immediate out of the box solution.

Key features include:

  • Single peli case portable unit for rapid deployment.
  • Dual camera system for temperature anomaly detection (TAD), and HD frame capture, and situational awareness.
  • Multi-functional and adaptive system that can be utilised for human temperature, and critical component, anomaly detection.
  • PTZ functionality with 360° continuous rotational coverage.
  • Selectable temperature range monitoring up to 500°C.
  • Temperature measured by adaptive colour scale.
  • Selective pre-sets for multiple area surveillance.
  • Maintenance free, IP67 sealed casing.
  • Agile approach to interchangeable lens configurations.

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