Company SITTI
Date 25.10.2018

The Brazilian Minister of Defence admitted the General Manager of “SITTI do Brasil”, Mr. Riccardo Ornaghi, to the Order of Aeronautical Merit.

The Order of Aeronautical Merit is the highest Aeronautical honour awarded by the Brazilian Air Force Commander. This recognition rewards personnel of the Brazilian Air Force for notable services, as well as recognizes outstanding services done by Brazilian or foreign civil and military people to Brazil.

After the imposition of the Medal occurred at ALA11 during the Aviator’s Day Celebration, the SITTI do Brazil Director presented the high award to the top management at the headquarters in Milan, with special thanks to the Brazilian Air Force and to all the colleagues who participated to this important goal: “Such an important recognition is a reason of high honour to me and to SITTI company, professionally committed in Brazil over the last twenty years. This result could not have been achieved without the constant commitment of Italian and Brazilian colleagues who daily dedicate their energies to guarantee security and efficiency in the services provided. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Brazilian Air force for having recognized our efforts and results that, after this merit, shall always meet the highest expectations.”


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