Slovenia Control enhances area and terminal control performance with Frequentis software

Date 01.08.2022

Slovenia Control, the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) for Slovenia, has selected Frequentis to upgrade the software of its Safety Nets for area and terminal control to provide enhanced performance, safety and alerting functionalities. The Safety Nets system, known as PRISMA-SNET, is an essential module of Frequentis Comsoft’s PRISMA Air Traffic Management (ATM) automation suite.

Using both flight plan data and current position data, PRISMA-SNET provides air traffic controllers clear alerts of potential safety issues in time to take preventive action and is fully integrated into Slovenia Control’s ATM environment. The Safety Nets system also helps ensure safe takeoffs, transits and landings and detects deviations from planned course and altitude, depending on the flight data processing system (FDPS).

In 2005, Slovenia Control became the second customer to use the PRISMA-SNET, operational at their air control centre (ACC) at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. The latest upgrade, contracted in December 2021, will meet all the specific requirements of Slovenia Control, providing best performance and functionality.

“Slovenia Control’s fundamental guiding principle is to attain, maintain and constantly raise our safety levels and targets. For many years now, Frequentis Comsoft has been a reliable partner for achieving these goals. We look forward to working together on future projects” says Slobodan Opačič, Head of the Development Department at Slovenia Control.

PRISMA-SNET is ready to fulfill future EUROCONTROL specifications for Safety Nets including multi-hypothesis tracking (MHT) algorithms that can eliminate false alerts – a unique feature in the market. It is proven in several Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) projects, thus supporting efforts to introduce UTM in Slovenia.

“We are pleased with the upgrade of Safety Nets for Slovenia Control and are happy to be long-term partners. PRISMA-SNET is a vital component of the ATM system enabling Slovenia Control to identify potentially dangerous situations in time to ensure the safe and smooth flow of air traffic in the Slovenian airspace”, says Constantin von Reden, Managing Director at Frequentis Comsoft.

PRISMA-SNET provides a common framework that supports functions such as short-term conflict alerting (STCA), minimum safe altitude warning (MSAW), area proximity warning (APW), cleared level adherence monitoring (CLAM) and route adherence monitor (RAM), depending on FDPS input. To learn more about this solution and other components of the PRISMA family.

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