Successfully implementing EDS CB

Company Point FWD
Date 30.11.2018

By overcoming the burdensome challenges in EDS CB machine selection, checkpoint process re-design and implementation approach.

Soon, Explosives Detection Systems for Cabin Baggage (EDS CB) will become the new standard in screening cabin baggage on EU commercial airports.

Point FWD has a unique position within the aviation security market, being involved with several EDS CB implementation projects throughout Europe – ranging from major hubs to small regional airports.

Introducing: The .FWD Approach

To assist airports and help make substantiated decisions Point FWD has developed the .FWD Approach for EDS CB implementation. This twofold approach consists of guidance towards a comprehensive EDS CB implementation strategy and guidance through the implementation itself.

At the one hand this is achieved by data-driven guidance through the process of establishing a EDS CB implementation strategy. Based on the current process situation and performance, passenger profiles and airport business strategy, collaboratively with the airport Point FWD draws robust and future EDS CB solution perspectives. This includes selecting machine types, process and CONOPS redesign and simulations of the provided solutions.

At second, after a future design has been chosen, Point FWD adds value to the specific implementation project in terms of project management and covers components like trial guidance, training, go-live and operational support.

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