The Fourth Dimension of Performance – DESKO PENTA Scanner® 4X. DESKO launches new edition of class-leading full-page scanner PENTA Scanner.

Company DESKO
Date 14.01.2022

Global market leader DESKO reworked its best-selling full-page passport scanner PENTA Scanner. The brand-new DESKO PENTA Scanner® 4X represents the latest generation of the proven document scanner platform raising ID document checks to the next security level with innovative features that make the device even better, even faster and even more efficient.

Proven ID scanning quality – four times better

With the DESKO PENTA Scanner® 4X users are technically four steps ahead: the device is by default equipped with high-class scan technology delivering outstanding images with a resolution of up to 900 dpi. DESKO Managing Director, Alexander Zahn:

“A higher resolution reveals details in the printing technology and enables the user to identify abnormalities in the document very quickly allowing for a deep and comprehensive document authentication. With the new PENTA Scanner 4X, a resolution of 900 dpi is standard and even exceeds the official requirements of most law enforcement agencies of 600 dpi. Therefore, we raise document authentication to a new security level.”

Besides the enhanced image resolution, three further functional innovations were added to the PENTA Scanner 4X: a state-of-the-art image power sensor allows for an enhanced image capturing and thus a better image definition. An ultra-fast USB 3.0 connection increases the data transfer rate to the application ten times. By that, workflows are streamlined and customers can quickly be processed. To increase usability, the PENTA 4X can additionally be equipped with a document hold clip which facilitates the correct placement of the document and guarantees an easier operation.

For maximum flexibility, the PENTA Scanner 4X is powered by USB 3.0, hence you can operate the device completely independent from an external power supply. Of course, proven DESKO OCR technology is standard with the PENTA 4X. Further options can be added, for instance a UV and coaxial light source which reveal hidden security printings and features to enable the user a complete authentication of the presented ID document.

An additionally available barcode and chip card reader complete the PENTA Scanner functionality making the device an all-in-one ID check solution.

Four times better:

  1. Resolution of up to 900 dpi for outstanding image quality under different light sources
  2. Included power sensors for enhanced image correction
  3. USB 3.0 connection for increased data transfer rate
  4. Document hold clip for intuitive document placement (optional)

And there are even more benefits:

  • Coaxial light for better image recognition (optional)
  • LAN interface via Rest API (optional)
  • Security glass featuring Corning®Gorilla® Glass 3

DESKO PENTA Scanner® platform – product facts

DESKO´s bestseller PENTA Scanner is a multifunctional ID and passport scanner. It provides accurate read results from a variety of documents such as ID cards, passports, driver´s licenses, chip cards and many more. The DESKO PENTA Scanner® is a flexible platform solution which can be extended by various features and reading options according to the specific needs of the customer. From pure data capture to a complete document authentication – the PENTA Scanner supports customers around the globe in all fields where a reliable ID control is crucial. Besides the classic desktop version, further device options are available, e.g. the OEM versions Cube or Block which can be integrated in eGates, kiosks or counters.

Since the launch of the PENTA platform, several hundred thousand devices are in use all-over the world making the PENTA Scanner DESKO´s best-selling full-page scanner.


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