TIBA Parking Systems, together with Signature Control Systems, to install new Parking Revenue Access System at John Glenn Columbus International Airport

Company TIBA Parking Systems
Date 31.08.2017

TIBA Parking Systems, in association with Signature Control Systems, has been selected by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority to install a new Parking Revenue and Access Control System (PARCS) at John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) and nearby Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK).

More than 7.3 million passengers utilized John Glenn International in 2016; a growth of 7.8% over the previous year. Following an $80 million terminal modernization investment completed in 2016, the airport authority is now focused on modernizing its parking operations. TIBA was selected to provide a complete, networked PARCS solution for the airport’s multi-level parking structure and 7 parking lots consisting of 74 exit and entrance lanes and 14,000 plus parking spaces. The new TIBA PARCS solution will also incorporate license plate recognition (LPR), to speed garage entries and exits in addition to an online billing platform to provide an easier, quicker and safer customer experience.

TIBA’s complete PARCS solution offers unparalleled agility, tailored to the business needs of complex airport installations. TIBA PARCS uses advanced parking technologies to improve operational efficiency, build revenue, and enhance business intelligence. TIBA PARCS seamlessly integrates with third-party online services, such as parker loyalty programs, to create new business opportunities and to help guarantee investment security.

“We chose TIBA Parking and Signature Control due to the complexity of the project. We needed the chosen PARCS solution to be future-proof and TIBA’s reputation in system integration is outstanding. The TIBA team has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to growing our partnership over the coming years” says Elaine Roberts, President & CEO of Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

“We’re delighted with this opportunity to upgrade the PARCS technologies at CMH and LCK airports. For TIBA, this is a major step in expanding our brand in the airport parking market. We look forward to providing our partners with unparalleled performance and versatility for many years into the future” added Jon J. Bowsher, President TIBA North America.


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