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Company Vilokan ADF Solutions
Date 21.02.2017

Vilokan´s solutions for recycling spent ADF are found on airports in several different countries around the globe. They are all designed to fit the specific needs of the airport where they are operating.

Nation-Wide Solution for Recycling Spent ADF at Swedavia Swedish airports

Vilokan expands its wastewater treatment service for airports – secures nation-wide glycol recycling contract with all Swedavia’s Swedish airports.

Swedish Airport Authority Swedavia operates 10 airports across Sweden and served 37.6 million passengers during 2015. Swedavia is an environmental forerunner and aims to reduce the impact of wastewater and spent ADF from its airports in various ways. Until now, approximately 10.000 tons of spent ADF is collected and sent to water treatment plants annually instead of being recycled. The spent ADF contains oils and heavy metals which should be disposed instead of end up in the sludge of the water treatment plants.

Vilokan has now agreed with Swedavia to set up a complete solution with full responsibility for recycling, operations, financing, transports and sales of recycled glycol from all Swedavia’s airports. The solution is based on 25 years experience and the existing recycling services provided by Vilokan to Swedavia today.

The solution lowers Swedavia’s costs as well as environmental impact, while the process delivers high-quality glycol with > 99 % concentration which can be used for producing new ADF or other products.

Technology Supplier for world class recycling

In November 2014, Vilokan’s complete solution for recycling spent ADF was taken into operations at Montreal-Pierre Trudeau Airport (YUL) on behalf of the de-icing operator AeroMag 2000 and the airport authority Aeroports de Montreal.

Montreal-Pierre Trudeau Airport is Canada’s fourth biggest airport serving over 14 million passengers per year. On behalf of the de-icing operator AeroMag 2000 and the airport authority Aeroports de Montreal, Vilokan has delivered a complete system for recycling spent ADF at the airport. It also allows for recycling of spent ADF from nearby airports, transported to the airport by truck. The system enables filtration, evaporation and distilling of spent ADF and produces high quality ethylene glycol with a concentration of over 99 % and stable pH values. As a final step in the process, blending of new ADF is done on-site, meaning the recycling solution truly is a closed loop system. The system is first of its kind in North America and totally integrated into AeroMag’s existing facility used for de-icing operations.

Turnkey supplier of glycol recovery services

Luleå Kallax airport (IATA: LLA) is Sweden´s fith largest airport and located just south of the polar circle in the north of Sweden. Since 2011, Vilokan operates a full scale facility for recycling spent ADF at the airport.

The assignment includes storage, evaporization and distillation of spent ADF as well as management of by-products such as heavy metals. The facility in Lulåe also acts as a central hub and handles spent ADF collected at Gothenburg Landvetter airport (IATA: GOT), Sweden´s second largest airport located in southern Sweden. In that way, the capacity utilization of the facility is optimized which implies better operational efficiency. Every year, around 4,000 – 6,000 cubic metres of spent ADF is processed in the facilities, producing glycol with a purity of 99.5 %.


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