We Know Cold

Company Polartherm Oy
Date 02.05.2018

If you’re interested in kangaroos you’ll probably want to talk with someone from Australia. If you’re interested in whisky your next stop is probably in Scotland. But if you need to know how to handle all stages and shapes of cold – Finland is the place where you get the information and tools that you need.

Field Test Laboratory
Everyone in Finland knows how rejuvenating it is to take ice baths. It isn’t just natural born insanity – it is also a popular method for athletes to speed up recovery after exercises.

McMurdo Research Station, Antarctica
Story of two water bottles

The United States National Science Foundation (NSF) has a large Antarctic research station at McMurdo on the Antarctic. While ships can reach the station during Antarctic Mid-Summer, all supplies have to be flown over during the winter. Read more  »


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