Welcome to an ADB SAFEGATE & Atech joint webinar

 Breaking the silos with gate-to -gate Integrated Tower Operations & Flow Management
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Welcome to an ADB SAFEGATE & Atech joint webinar
As a joint initiative of ADB SAFEGATE and Atech, you are invited to join this webinar that is addressing the operational challenges for all stakeholders on airside navigation, airside operations and A-CDM for airports, airlines and air navigation service providers (ANSPs).

Meet our experts
ATC experts from both ADB SAFEGATE and Atech will discuss and share their knowledge about the “pains” of ANSPs, along with airport and airline operators, due to the lack of integration with flow management services, whether in the strategic, the pre-tactical or tactical phase.

Edson Fagundes, ATM Business Manager Atech
Edson Fagundes
ATM Business Manager,

Working in ATM since 1992 as System Integrator and Technical Coordinator. In System Engineering, ATFM started to be part of my life. I now work with Business Development. Breathing ATM with passion.

Christian Woborsky, Product Manager One Control ADB SAFEGATE
Christian Woborsky
Product Manager OneControl

Grew up with aviation and computers. 35 years active ATCO, 15 years head TWR and APP, flying by myself, Quality Manager Flight OPS, 12 years running a design company, … love it .

Ieyasu Sugimoto, Global Product Manager ATC Solutions ADB SAFEGATE
Ieyasu Sugimoto
Global Product Manager ATC Solutions, ADB SAFEGATE

Got involved with air traffic management in University while doing my PhD on departure sequence optimization and started at ADB SAFEGATE later in 2008 as a software developer.

When considering the ATM functionalities stated in the ASBU Blocks, as preconized by ICAO, both companies envisage that the “new normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic, will require from airports, airline operators and ANSPs to combine efficiency with costs reduction.

By combining their expertise and strength in each ATM segment, ADB SAFEGATE and Atech concludes that an approach-to-departure integration is no longer an issue, but actually, fully feasible, by means of current available technologies.

Key Learning Points
• Understand how an integrated vision (and services) may positively impact gate-to-gate flights in daily operations
• Stay up-to-date on the current technologies that make integrated tower and flow management fully feasible
• Understand what the “new normal”, after the COVID-19 pandemic, will require from airports, airlines and ANSPs.
• Ask expert speakers questions and benefit from their knowledge and guidance
ADB SAFEGATE is a leading provider of intelligent solutions that deliver superior airport performance from approach to departure.

We partner with airports and airlines to analyze their current structures and operations, and jointly identify and solve bottlenecks.

Our consultative approach enables airports to improve efficiency, enhance safety and environmental sustainability as well as reduce operational costs.

Our portfolio includes solutions and services that harmonize airport performance, tackling every aspect of traffic handling and guidance, from approach, runway and taxiway lighting, to tower-based traffic control systems and intelligent gate and docking automation.

About Atech

Atech, an Embraer Group company, is specialized in developing solutions for mission-critical and technologies to support decision making. With unique expertise in engineering, systems development, integration and situational awareness technologies, achieved strong presence in defense and air traffic management in Brazil and abroad.

Bringing together business knowledge and skills built up over years of experience, Atech provides a full set of solutions and services that include the entire cycle of systems development, integration and support.

Atech has successfully designed, developed and deployed ATM (Air Traffic Management) systems in South America, Africa, as well as ATFM (Air Traffic Flow Management) solutions in Brazil and India. Nowadays is the main contractor for evolution and integration of ATM and ATFM systems in Brazil.


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