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Airport Exterior Lighting Solutions and Services

With over 50 years of design, manufacturing and installation experience, Abacus is a leader in the exterior lighting market. The Abacus Advantage starting from the initial planning stage right through to the maintenance and aftercare stage can be delivered to our customers worldwide for their individual lighting requirements. We provide a broad range of services worldwide as part of the Abacus Advantage including; planning assistance, lighting design, civil, mechanical and electrical installation and Maintenance.

We have a history of innovation and design, which has led us to develop some of the most advanced and respected products in the industry, these products include our Challenger® sports floodlight range, our unique telescopic masts, raising and lowering columns and LED range. Our commitment to quality and environmental standards is world class and is reflected through our low light pollution lanterns and low impact structures which meet the most exacting Global Standards.

We design, manufacture, install and maintain lighting, columns and masts worldwide for the following sectors; Sport, Retail, Industrial, Rail and Road, Airports and Ports, Towns and Cities Energy and Communications.

Company Profile

  • Lighting Solutions

    At Abacus we offer a wide range of lighting solutions such as energy saving green floodlighting and LED products. Helping airports such as Kumming New International Airport develop a ‘green strategy’ to curb energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Our new range of LED lighting can also be used for architectural, amenity and road lighting applications.

    Our LED range is extremely energy efficient, produces a better quality white light and the product lifespan are also much longer.  This also highlights our keen focus on energy management and sustainability as a company.

  • Photovoltaic Systems

    Abacus also provides photovoltaic systems (PV) for airports as well as other commercial and residential buildings through a wide range of products. Such as light through modules, see through modules, standard modules as well as building integrated photovoltaic panels (BIPV).

    Abacus’ case study examples include the 2009 World Game Stadium in Taiwan (the world’s largest BIPV system) and Taichung PV Power Plant with a system capacity of 1.5MWp.

    We provide reliable, affordable and high performance photovoltaic systems worldwide. We offer a one – stop shop for all PV solutions.

    Our solutions service includes feasibility analysis, project financing and planning, engineering, installation, monitoring, operating and maintenance. The integration of PV solar modules into airport terminals is an ideal BIPV application.

    Airport buildings are typically large, isolated, mostly low-rise structures with little or no shading, where there is plenty of room to accommodate PV modules on rooftops, façades, and parking lots.

  • Key Abacus Airport Lighting Projects

    Within the airport lighting sector we have project managed more than 40 airports worldwide projects worldwide for example recently, Kunming International Airport in China where we have installed 80 raising and lowering winch masts.

    Some other airport lighting projects we have won include China’s Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, China and Bahrain International Airport.

    In the UK we have done the lighting for Leeds Bradford Airport, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Bristow Helipad at Norwich Airport and London Heathrow Airport.

  • Our Diverse Product Range

    We manufacture high mast lighting systems for airports including fixed masts, lowering headframe masts and base-hinged masts. Fixed masts allow maximum flexibility for big top-loads.

    Lowering headframe masts are easy to maintain and are a good quality product. Base-hinged masts include a short turnaround time with quick assembly and installation. Another advantage is that maintenance can be carried out at ground level.

    The floodlighting  we provide for airports includes our range of Trent Floodlighting, Challenger ®1 floodlighting. Trent floodlighting includes all-weather and corrosion resistant polyster powder.

    Fast servicing can also be carried out due to tool-free access as well as heat in the body being managed by wide cooling fins. Challenger® 1 floodlighting gives excellent light control, reducing overspill, upward light and glare.

    These floodlights also include narrow, medium and wide beam double asymmetric lighting distributions.

    For more information about our full range of products and services please visit www.abacuslighting.com, for details about airport lighting in particular go to www.abacuslighting.com/airports.asp


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