ACCIONA Airport Services

Providers of Passenger, Ramp, Cargo and Other Airport Handling Services

ACCIONA Airport Services, throughout its airports network, provides passenger, ramp, cargo and other handling services outside the airport premises, which become an extension of those activities carried out inside the airport.

ACCIONA Airport Services Include:

  • Passenger services
  • Operations and load control
  • Ramp
  • Cargo
  • Executive aviation
  • Ticket sales at airport (ATO)
  • PRM handling
  • De-icing
  • Air-bridge

Company Profile

  • Airport Passenger Services:

    Assistance to passengers at the airport.

    The following services are provided:

    • Passenger check-in.
    • Arrival and departure services (transits).
    • Boarding services.
    • Assistance to passengers with flight irregularities.
    • Special passengers assistance (unaccompanied minors, VIP´s).
    • Check-in systems.
    • Information desks.
    • Excess baggage collection.
    • Flights statistics.
    • Lost and found baggage services.
  • Airport Ramp Services:

    Provision of services required by the aircraft during its stopover at the airports.

    The following services are provided:

    • Loading and unloading of aircraft.
    • Push back and towing of aircarft.
    • Water / Toilet services.
    • Aircraft cabin cleaning.
    • Air starters, Ground Power and Air conditioning Units.
    • Passengers and crew transports between aircraft and terminals.
    • Baggage and Cargo sorting and transportation.
    • Unit Load Device Control.


  • Cargo Handling:

    Custody, handling and delivery of the cargo at the cargo terminal.

    • Document handling (Import/Export).
    • Special cargo Handling.
    • Warehousing.
    • Mail Handling.
    • Cargo acceptance and consolidation.
    • Building up and breakdown of ULD (Cargo Units).
    • Inventory control.
    • Trucks loading and unloading.
    • Express Cargo Service.
    • Dangerous good handling.


  • Operations and Load Control:

    Assistance throughout the stopover of the aircraft through a specialized agent.
    • Ground to cockpit communication.
    • Walk out assistance.
    • Load control.
    • Weather briefing.
    • Flight operations assistance.
    • Ramp coordination (ramp agent).


    PRM Services:

    Service and assistance to passengers with reduced mobility.

    • Facilitate the boarding and de-boarding of passengers with reduced mobility through qualified staff and specific equipment.


ACCIONA Airport Services
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