Operational Air Traffic Management Systems (ATM) Advanced Simulation & Training Solutions

Adacel ( is a leading developer of operational air traffic management systems and advanced simulation and training solutions.  Adacel’s AURORA automated air traffic management systems are highly configurable products designed to increase safety and efficiency in all air traffic domains including Procedural, Oceanic, Enroute, Terminal, Approach, and Tower operations.

The Aurora air traffic management system integrates all surveillance sources including radar, ADS-B, ADS-C and Multilateration with advanced conflict detection capabilities and automation tools for the controller. The Aurora air traffic management functions are presented to the controller via a uniform human-machine interface. The system eliminates many manual tasks for the air traffic controller while providing the technology to reduce separation minima.  Aurora can be integrated in its entirety or as standalone components.

Company Profile

  • Aurora ATM Area Control Center Systems

    The Aurora ATM ( area control systems provide air traffic management capabilities that are envisaged as part of the FAA NextGen and EuroControl SESAR programs and support Procedural, Oceanic, Enroute, Terminal, and Approach operations.

    Aurora ATM provides the enabling technology to facilitate user preferred routes, dynamic airborne rerouting, 4D trajectory management, and reduced separation initiatives aimed at curbing fuel burn and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

    Aurora ATM integrates any surveillance data type; CPDLC; ICAO, Eurocontrol, & NAS flight data message processing; automated inter-facility & intra-facility coordination; conflict prediction & reporting; safety nets (Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA), Area Proximity Warning (APW), Wake Turbulence Category (WTC), & Minimum Safe Altitude Warning (MSAW)); and electronic flight strips among other features.

  • Aurora ATM Tower System

    The Aurora ATM Tower System can be fully integrated to the main flight data and radar data processing systems (FDPS, RDPS).  The major components of the Aurora ATM Tower System include an Air Situation Display (ASD), an Information Display System (IDS) and Electronic Flight Strips.

    The ASD provides a radar-like display of traffic with data tags, selectable views, map overlays, lists and other typical functions. Maps are adapted to reflect the geographical environment of the control zone with appropriate overlays.

    The IDS provides essential operational information such as winds, altimeter, NOTAMs and other user specific data. The electronic strip board is adapted to reproduce the visual appearance and functionality of the legacy tower paper strip board to reduce training effort and maintain controller work methods.

    High resolution screens mounted on adjustable, pivoting arms overcome issues with tower lighting particularities.


  • ICAO New Flight Plan Converter (INFPL)

    The ICAO new flight plan (INFPL) format will be applicable on 15 November 2012 and will show the aircrafts advanced CNS capabilities in more detail in order to meet the evolving requirements of automated ATM systems.

    Adacel’s ICAO New Flight Plan Converter offers an alternative to upgrading or replacing your ATM system with a flight plan converter that will carry you through the INFPL transition phase and beyond. The Converter interfaces with the AFTN/AMHS circuit and your ATM/FDP system and provides a conversion from the new 2012 format to the legacy or old flight plan format and vice-versa.

    Adacel’s ICAO New Flight Plan Converter provides your facility with full compliance with Amendment 1 to PANS ATM, DOC4444, can interface with any ATM/FDP system, can interface with the AFTN/AMHS systems and permits entry and update of all ICAO flight planning and coordination messages and repetitive flight plans.

  • High Frequency Radio Operator (HFRO)

    While data link has become widely used for communication with aircraft in oceanic and remote airspaces, HF radio is expected to continue to play an important role.  Adacel’s Aurora High Frequency Radio Operator position provides accurate flight data via numerous support windows displaying aircraft message history, weather information, general information pages, and the following operational windows:

    • Entering pilot reports – position reports, level and speed reports, revised estimates
    • Entering pilot requests
    • Transmitting ATC clearances to pilots
    • Entering pilot read-backs
    • Transmission and reception of other Aeradio messages – i.e. SQK (SSR assignment),  SEL (SELCAL code),  EMG (Emergency)

    The operator maintains situation awareness with lists of flights in communication or not yet in contact. An ASD (Air Situation Display) is also available for the position.


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