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Aviation Fuels & Refuelling Solutions / Ground Support Equipment / Specialised Air Cargo Support

AFS Aviation is an independent Aviation Company based at Lasham Airfield in the Hampshire countryside, UK.

Having been an Aviation Jet A1 Fuel Supplier since 2005, our capability where fuel is concerned also extends to the design, manufacture and integration of fuel systems including the installation of fuel pumps with outside payment terminals. Working closely with our customers to bespoke design refuelling and fuel storage facilities we ensure that the facilities fit perfectly for all airfield and private operator requirements. Where equipment is already in place, we can suggest and supply enhancements or reconfigurations that will adapt to any changes in volume storage, refuelling demands and or system upgrades.

We provide our Customers with a friendly and professional service and like to think we can full fill all fuel storage/refuelling equipment enquiries.

In a position to react to the demands of this busy industry, we have extended our activities in recent years to include a wider range of aviation related products and services.

These include:

  • Air Cargo Support – Personnel and Equipment
  • Aviation Fuel and Transport
  • Temporary and Permanent Refuel Solutions
  • Ground Support Equipment Refurbishment and Sales
  • Ground Support Equipment Rentals – Short and Long-Term Arrangements
  • Winter Resilience Solutions
  • Transport and Logistics Services
  • Airshow Services
  • Secure Airfield Storage


Air Cargo Support – Civil and Military

AFS Aviation specializes in bespoke Air Cargo Support Services designed specifically to enhance Airport and / or Military Cargo Operations.

When there are extra ordinary aircraft movements be it “Civil” or “Military” requiring additional equipment and / or personnel for the loading / offloading of Air Cargo, AFS can provide the extra depth needed to manage these activities.

Whether you are planning for future events, or those that suddenly appear on the radar, we can supply the additional equipment and workforce to cope with the increase in your Cargo Operations on a short- or longer-term basis.

We are experienced with supporting bespoke Cargo Loading Operations. Our services have been in high demand in the last 12 months having supported visiting aircraft for the G7 Summit at Newquay and the COP 26 Climate Summit in Glasgow in 2021.  Working closely with the MOD on loading operations on occasions, our services are in high demand.

You will see here recent operations as with the two AMSS Atlas Mk2A K Loaders in our portfolio managing the loading / offloading of the out of the ordinary cargo loads.

Each Atlas K Loader is capable of lifting four pallets with a total payload of 18 tonnes to a height of 5.5m for main deck loading. For hire on either a self-drive or fully operated basis, delivery of the loaders can be arranged for anywhere in UK or Europe by standard low loader transport.

Military Aircraft Cargo Loading

Please see our website for more information and please do give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01256 381912.
Ground Support Equipment – Short and Long Term Rentals: Just got a whole lot easier!

Over the last few years AFS Aviation has seen growing demands for short term equipment rentals from a few days to a couple of weeks and so we have built up our stock of GSE to accommodate these demands.

Should you experience unforeseen equipment failures or an increase in your operation for a short period which may leave you short of equipment please give us a call.

We endeavour to assist where at all possible and so it is always worth finding time to call us to discuss your requirements, even if you only need extra equipment for a few days.

Additional items of GSE can make all the difference and so AFS offers equipment on either a short-term or long-term hire so you can provide the service you need to with ease.

We are always available to discuss the longer-term lease arrangements from six months to five years. Financing new equipment can be arranged on the longer-term projects. We are a friendly team here at AFS Aviation and always like to meet with our customers at our base at Lasham to discuss up and coming projects in more detail.

Please call AFS Aviation for more information and to discuss your requirements: 01256 381912

Visit our website for more information –
Main Deck Loaders for Hire

The annual servicing of a main deck loader can be an issue during the year having to take a valuable unit away from a busy operation.

AFS Aviation has the answer.

We have a main deck loader for hire on a short-term basis to accommodate an annual service or an increase with cargo loads. We coordinate and manage low loader transport which is easy for us to arrange and of course cranage would be needed in certain circumstances.

The main deck loader is offered for either self-drive or fully operated depending on your requirements.

Delivered anywhere in the UK or Europe by low loader transport.

We are here to help so please do give us a call: 01256 381912

Visit our website for more information –

Air Marrel Main Deck Loader


Aviation Fuel Supply and Transport

We have been supplying aviation fuel and fuel equipment to aircraft and airfield operators across the UK since our foundation in 2005, originally as Aircraft Fuelling Supplies Ltd.

Specialising in supplying exceptional high-quality Jet A1 Aviation Fuels from several major fuel producers at highly competitive prices, we have our own fleet of vehicles and experienced fuel delivery drivers working closely with our Customers every day. We can access all areas and the remotest locations which stands us apart from the main operators.

Whether through an ongoing supply contract or on an ad hoc basis, we can help reduce your fuel costs and increase your flexibility.

AFS Aviation has a broad set of supply agreements with major fuel producers positioned across the UK. As a result, we have an extensive network of fuel depot locations that allows us to select the most cost effective and timely source for each customer requirement.

Company Profile

  • AFS Aviation Limited

    If you’re looking for a flexible, no-nonsense supplier of aviation fuel, we can offer you a quality service at highly competitive rates. Whether through an ongoing supply contract or on an ad hoc basis, we can help reduce your fuel costs and increase your flexibility.

    Competitive Pricing

    With low overheads and supply agreements with several major producers and locations, we can offer highly competitive fuel and delivery pricing.

    Assured Quality

    We supply only highest-grade aviation fuels from the major producers. Our customers receive our documentation and that of the original producer.


    We’re not vulnerable to disruption from a single producer or storage location. We deliver when we say we will.

    Fuel Types & Delivery Options

    • Jet A1-F35 – Delivered in Bulk (tanker), ISO Tanks
    • Jet A1-F34 – Delivered in Bulk (tanker), ISO Tanks

    We can deliver to sites with restricted access. All loads can be delivered through an on-board meter.

    We can arrange IMO-1 ISO tank containers (20,000 – 23,500-litre capacity). Delivering fuel anywhere in the UK or to a UK port for export.

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  • Temporary and Permanent Refuel Solutions

    Whether you need to upgrade your fuel farm, buy an extra bowser or simply hire some fuel equipment for a few weeks, AFS Aviation can help.

    As fabricators and integrators, we can supply a whole range of static and mobile aviation fuel equipment to order. Our expertise allows us to provide advice on the fuel facilities suitable for your airfield or private location.

    We provide the total fuel package as we will manage and carry out the installations of fuel pumps and static fuel tanks and facilities, provide annual servicing and general maintenance support through our fuel service engineering management. Our support has grown in response to our expanding network of Customers here in the UK.

    Whether you’re looking for new or refurbished equipment, all sizes and quantities catered for, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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  • Temporary Refuelling

    We’ve set up and managed temporary refuel sites, including ‘Rotors Running’, at such high-profile events as:

    • Cheltenham, Ascot and Epsom races
    • British Grand Prix
    • Glastonbury Festival
    • Farnborough International Air Show heliport
    • Red Bull Air Race
    • World Superbikes Brands Hatch

    We’ve also supported more specialist operations including helicopter load lifting operations, public service and defence trials. We provide fuel and logistical support making each event we attend a success.

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  • Ground Support Equipment Sales and Hire

    AFS Aviation brings a different approach to Airport Operations when you are considering your Ground Support Equipment (GSE) options. Forward planning is taken to extremes in this busy industry, and with the longer manufacturing lead times you need to be prepared well in advance, which we know is not always possible.

    AFS Aviation has a wealth of experience in the Industry. Whether you are replacing GSE that has come to the end of its life or need additional GSE for a new contract start-up, call us today. Whether new, used or refurbished GSE, we cater for all budgets.

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  • Winter Resilience Solutions

    As the winter months approach and the weather reports issue warnings of snow and ice, it’s the time to prepare for all eventualities.

    AFS Aviation will help you manage winter resilience at your airport location with the provision of:

    1. Snow clearing equipment; We can provide you with the vehicles and equipment to clear the snow and reduce the ground ice deposits to allow you to keep your operation running smoothly and on time.
    2. De-icing fluid storage facilities; whether you require static or mobile tanks AFS Aviation can take the strain out of managing your aircraft and taxiway de-icing storage facilities. With new materials being used to create moveable bunded storage tanks, we have the solution that will create an efficient distribution centre with the ability to move the tanks in to storage when out of season.
    3. Transport solutions; collecting and delivering your fluid stocks with our own fleet of trucks, AFS Aviation can arrange bulk fluid storage and safe reliable transportation of de-icing fluids. From the fluid manufacturer to our storage facility at Lasham Airfield and then when required on to the airport operation.

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  • Transport and Logistic Services - Ground Support Equipment Transport

    AFS Aviation can transport your equipment across the UK, Ireland and Europe;

    New for 2020 – With a specialised trailer where no cranage is required to load the Hi loader and GSE with a low chassis, we provide transport management where we work closely with you to ensure your equipment is loaded and transported safely and on time.

    Fuel bowsers and equipment, Ground Power Units, Pushback Tractors, Hi Loaders and more. We provide a reliable and cost-effective transport service for all GSE Families.

    Our ADR-qualified drivers can transport hazardous equipment such as fuel bowsers and can move loads of up to 60 tonnes.

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  • Airshow Services

    Organizing and running Airshows is a safety and time critical activity. It’s not a time for experimentation or inexperience. Let our experience of planning and resourcing safe and efficient support operations at high-profile events work for you.

    We’ve organized, resourced and managed the aircraft handling team and equipment at the Farnborough International Airshow in recent years and are well on the way with planning the next show in July 2020.

    AFS Aviation also: –

    • Provides safe and secure storage facilities at Lasham Airfield for all GSE when not in use at airport locations. Struggling for space, too much GSE parked up, we have the solution.
    • Offers Transport and Storage Package where we will collect, store and then return GSE to airport operations when required, all at very competitive rates.
    • Hosts regular auctions of used equipment and components through our website:
    • Designs and produces standard and bespoke decals, graphics and engravings for the aviation industry and general industrial applications.

    At AFS Aviation we provide our services with a Smile”!

    Please contact us today to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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