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Agati designs airport seating and furniture solutions that provide the comfort, function, and style travelers crave with the durability that airports demand. This includes contemporary lounge, pull-up, and privacy seating that pairs with a diverse selection of powered tables for terminals, dining areas, and lounges. The Agati Powerbar charging table, our most popular airport furniture solution, stands out in a crowd due to clean modern lines, a stainless steel base, and a multitude of solid surface and stone surface options.

Airport terminals have evolved significantly in the last 15 years.  Previously, terminals used beam seating and approached terminal furniture strictly through a utilitarian lens. Today’s travelers expect terminals to offer a variety of seating and table options that are more comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing, with easy access to power.

Many airports have also learned that most commercial furniture products offer style and function, but are simply not durable enough to last in an airport terminal.  Agati is one of the only companies that designs furniture exclusively for high-volume public spaces, providing a unique and diverse product offering for our Airport clients.

Beyond standard product, Agati has the ability to modify existing designs to meet your Airport’s needs or design completely custom solutions that will thrill travellers as they pass through your space.  Agati’s history designing solutions for high-use public spaces has fostered a design philosophy and acumen that produces solutions offering a unique combination of style, function, and exceptional durability.

Our interior and furniture design team works with top Aviation Architectural and Design firms to create layouts and solutions that exceed the expectations of their most demanding aviation clients. Learn how Agati Furniture can help make your airport terminal a haven that travelers look forward to as much as their final destination.

Company Profile

  • Airport Terminal Hold Room Lounge Seating

    Agati designs a diverse range of lounge chairs and seating for use in airport terminal hold rooms. Travelers can enjoy lounge seating that is comfortable, beautiful, and durable.

    Especially during down times when traveling, people no longer just expect a function to be provided, they expect an experience. Let Agati furnish your airport’s hold rooms or lounge spaces to promote productivity, solidify a feeling of quality for your patrons, and provide an experience that makes any disappointments, anxieties, or concerns drift away.

  • Powered Charging Tables

    From occasional tables with power access and stone tops to standing height Powerbar charging tables, Agati has a variety of tables that provide the look and function terminals require.

    It’s no secret that power is no longer a nice amenity, it’s an expectation from the majority of travelers. Far too often, people are sent on a hunt to find a seat close enough to an outlet, and they are forced to make the space work rather than the space being designed to work for them.

    Learn how Agati makes power access simple, clean, and aesthetically-pleasing.

  • Café and Food Service Dining Tables and Chairs

    Café and food service areas are highly-used and highly-abused spaces. Agati offers a variety of pull-up chairs and stools that offer style and durability. We also offer a diverse selection of seated and café height tables with stone or solid surface tops.

    Because we design all of our furniture specifically for high-traffic public spaces, every piece we produce is built to withstand whatever travelers may throw at them. In a consistently-used space like a dining area, this is crucial so that the investment you make today will last for years to come.

  • Privacy Seating

    Agati has designed a unique series of seating options that offers privacy and sanctuary to travelers.  By implementing a variety of different panels and screens, Agati privacy seating can be a special destination in your terminal or lounge.

    Focus is hard to come by in today’s world. And a feeling of security is hard to come by in a high-traffic space like an airport. But what if you could accomplish both with one piece of furniture? Learn how Agati is making that possible for thousands of travelers.



Powerbar is a standing height charging table with clean modern lines and ample power access.  The Powerbar’s stunning aesthetic will please discerning travellers while subtle design attributes allows Powerbar to perform better and last longer.  …

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Agati offers a wide variety of metal based benches.  Both stylish and durable, Agati benches are a great addition to any terminal or lounge.

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