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Aviation Refuelling Solutions, Fuel Loading and Fuel Storage

Committed to engineering excellence, our aviation refuelling solutions and equipment are designed to deliver fuel safely for all people and our environment.

Choosing Air Fuel Systems to work with you provides access to:

  • Over 20 years of qualified engineering skill and experience; the majority of which is specific to delivering aviation refuelling solutions in the UK and overseas.
  • Successful track record of managing and working in a multi-disciplinary engineering projects to deliver aviation refuelling solutions.
  • Our solutions are designed to meet operational and financial requirements within the framework of health and safety, environmental, hazardous area and aviation specific regulations and practices.

Aviation Refuelling Solutions, Fuel Loading and Fuel Storage

From delivery to aircraft

  • Well designed aviation refuelling and control solution will preserve and maintain fuel quality, protect the health and safety of individuals, the wider community and the environment.
  • Our aviation refuelling solutions are designed to support fuel handling procedures and operations to methodically and safely load fuel via pump, filter and/or meter into storage, refuelling vehicle or aircraft.
  • Only equipment and components suitable for use with aviation fuels within the hazardous operation area are selected from suppliers and manufacturers we have built trusted relationships with.
  • Our engineering procedures are independently verified and insured at Lloyds of London
  • Air Fuel Systems can provide a complete mechanical aviation refuelling solutions for your operations.
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements in full confidence.


Regular inspection and maintenance is a basic building block in supporting aviation fuel handling safety, operations and procedures.

Scheduled inspection and maintenance of your aviation refuelling equipment and system is a basic building block supporting your fuel operations.Our mechanical engineers are experienced and equipped to carry out technical checks and tests of your installation, from hose and valve pressure testing to filter changes.

Visiting your site on a regular basis will ensure the refuelling equipment is operating as expected and fulfils industry benchmarks.

Company Profile

  • Aviation Fuel Loading

    Skid mounted aviation fuel loading

    Mounted on a heavy duty and fully galvanised steel base, it can be designed to suit the footprint available whilst maintaining system ergonomics.

    It can be manufactured to incorporate a bund with drain facility for permanent fixing on site.

    Typically located outside, sheltering options can be integrated for improved and/or increased equipment protection and operator comfort.

    Enclosed fuel loading
    Often referred to as ‘modular fuel loading systems’, these solutions are well suited for deployment to new, temporary or fast track multi-disciplined projects sites, particularly in emerging/developing countries.

    Typically within a standard ISO container, we can also manufacture a made to measure corrugated structure if a standard ISO one is not suitable.

    This type of solution offers superior equipment security and operator comfort when carrying out loading procedures, including fuel quality checks as the equipment and valves are ergonomically laid out.

  • Aviation Fuel Storage

    Single skinned horizontal tank
    Ideal for larger sites for storage of up to 100,000 litres, or for where new civil construction work is planned; these aviation fuel storage tanks can be of mild or stainless steel construction.

    Double skinned horizontal tank
    For up aviation fuel storage in tanks up to 100,000 litres, this type of tank is ideal for larger sites, where new civil construction work is planned or where there is an environmental regulation requirement.

    Typically, both the inner and outer tank is of mild steel construction, with stainless steel as a material option.

    Double skinned horizontal tank with integral 110% bund
    From 10,000 litres to 50,000 litres working capacity, this type of aviation fuel storage tank is similar in construction to a double skinned horizontal tank but has built into it a separate bund for additional environmental protection.

    Combined storage and fuel control system
    For relatively rapid and simple deployment, a mild steel epoxy lined aviation fuel storage tank up to a capacity of 30,000 litres can be secured within a standard ISO shipping container.  In front of which is a bulkhead space with secure roller shutter access to an ergonomically configured aviation refuelling control system, where a full closed sampling facility and ATEX Zone 1 electrical controls can be installed along with suitable pumps and filters.

  • Static Aviation Refuelling

    Static aviation fuel dispenser
    Positioned very close to the apron or helipad, Air Fuel Systems can design and install a robust static aviation fuel dispensing facility to directly refuel aircraft from storage.

    Designed to suit the operational environment, a heavy duty and fully galvanised steel base, with or without sheltering, is manufactured to ergonomically house all the necessary equipment required, from filters to meters to hose reel and hose.

    Modular aviation fuel control unit
    For equipment security and operator comfort to carry out fuelling procedures, including fuel quality checks, a complete system is ergonomically laid out within the confines of a standard ISO container or made to measure structure.

    A common or dedicated pump, filter and meter combination with associated valves and equipment allows aviation fuel to be loaded into storage and dispensed, with or without fuel additive, directly on board the aircraft or onto a refuelling vehicle.  Functional flexibility to suit your operational requirements.

  • Mobile Aviation Refuelling

    Refuelling vehicles and towable bowsers
    Suitable pump, filter and meter combination with associated valves and equipment for carrying out fuel transfer and/or defuelling operations are mounted on a vehicle chassis or integrated within the bowser structure.

    Towable refuelling steps
    Designed to be towed on a standard vehicle tow bar. Our refuelling steps are galvanised for durability in all weathers.

    Designed to load fuel onboard aircraft from a refuelling vehicle through an integral hose and coupling, it incorporates braked axles, safety gate, non slip treads and hand rail to provide operator safety at all times during operation.


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