AirPart GmbH

Airport Ramp Handling, Passenger Services, Operations & Cargo Handling Services

AirPart GmbH was founded in the year 2000 and is a subsidiary, of which 100% is owned by Flughafen Nürnberg GmbH. Our services comprise the whole spectrum of ground handling services. Our excellently trained staff will support you 24 hours per day in ramp handling, passengers services, operations, cargo handling or general aviation.

In 2002 AirPart was the first handling agent in Germany to obtain the IATA AHM 804 Certificate. In this respect quality agreements with our customers can be defined and implemented.

Since 2003 AirPart is the distribution partner of AHS. We regard this stake in one of the biggest German handling companies as a decisive step in terms of customer service. Via our partner AHS we are now able to conclude supra-regional handling contracts.

Company Profile

  • Airport Passenger Services:

    Your passengers are our passengers. We take care of your passengers from the check-in process to the boarding. Our professionally trained staff supports the passengers in all matters, for business or tourist trips, in the lounge as well as with our VIP-service.

    Also in case of delays or lost baggage, we assist your clients after the arrival as well!
    Passenger Services:

    • Support of passengers
    • Check-in of groups
    • Late-night check-in
    • Support of crews and tour operators
    • Ticketing and IATA travel agency
    • Check-in and boarding with DCS
    • Lounge / VIP-service
    • Operations as well as weight and balance planning
    • Lost & found service


  • Airport Ramp Services

    You will receive quality – from the landing to the take-off. Our highly qualified team offers flexibility and on time performance for all fields of ground handling. We are the right choice for aircraft cleaning, loading services and passenger transport.

    Our service range in the field of ramp services

    • Loading
    • Passenger transport
    • Crew transport
    • PRM special service
    • Baggage handling
    • Cargo transport
    • Aircraft cleaning
    • Water and sewage service
    • Push-out / towing
    • De-/anti-icing of aircrafts


  • Airport Cargo Handling Services

    Our competence in the field of cargo handling is emphasized by the high satisfaction of the integrators DHL and TNT, who operate regular flights to NUE. Furthermore, the express service providers TNT and UPS conducted audits as to the aircraft handling, which were excellently  evaluated. With us you can simply take off any time.

    More space for more flexibility

    Since the opening of Cargo Center I in 1987 and Cargo Center II in autumn of the year 2003, which was designed according to the latest standards, there are approximately 14,000 square meters storage space and 7,000 square meters office space available.

    Cargo Service Handling

    • Import / export customs (computer-based)
    • cargo documents
    • warehouse facilities
    • loading of dangerous goods/HUM/radio-active goods on trucks and into containers
    • TACT-accounting
    • safety (vacuum chamber, x-ray)
    • pallet build-up station / pallet and container shelves

    Cargo Service Sales

    • processing cargo handling requests, calculation of charges and solutions
    • contracts for cargo handling
    • compilation of cargo offers for cargo charters
    • individual assistance and liaise with the right partner if necessary
    • marketing of the offered services and capacities
    • charter operations: highly flexible operations planning and professional loading of the freight
    • service-orientated and cooperative customs twenty-four-seven


  • General Aviation Services

    The GAT offers besides comprehensive services for pilots and passengers of the general aviation also exclusive VIP- packages.

    GAT-services – The service for private pilots and passengers with private airplanes
    We do not only offer excellent support for your aircraft but also many different services for you.

    Aircraft handling – When you depart or arrive at our airport, we will of course take care of your aircraft.

    • Aircraft handling
    • Bringing the aircraft from and to the hangar
    • Towing of aircrafts
    • Hangar space
    • Crew transport
    • Push-Back and start-up assistance
    • Support with customs and entry formalities

    On request we do offer further services for you:

    • Cabin cleaning
    • Lavatory service Betankung
    • Fuelling of your aircraft
    • De/anti-icing of your aircraft
    • GPU

    Services for passengers and pilots

    In our GAT-terminal you will find a lounge with TV and internet access. For a little snack in between we offer you coffee as well as a little assortment of finger-food.

    We also assist you with:

    • Hotel reservations
    • Calling a taxi
    • Limousine service
    • Reservation of a rental car
    • Transport between airport hotel and GAT-terminal
    • Entry with your own vehicle for the transport from and to the aircraft is possible on request.

    All offered services are also available beyond our opening hours for an additional charge.

    Information for pilots

    The General Aviation Terminal (GAT) at Nuremberg Airport offers the following services for departing and arriving pilots.

    Self-briefing in the GAT:

    • Notams
    • Flight plan posting
    • Weather briefing
    • Print-outs of weather maps

    Furthermore, the following facilities are at the disposal of the pilots:

    • Transport to the aircraft
    • GAT-lounge
    • Coffee & snacks
    • TV & newspapers
    • Internet access free of charge


AirPart GmbH
Flughafenstrasse 100
  • +49 (0)911/937-1278