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Independent airport slot coordinator and airport schedule data supplier

The world’s leading and largest independent airport slot coordinator
Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) is the world’s leading and largest airport slot coordinator. ACL understands that airport slots are very valuable and that stakeholders want to see a fair system of slot allocation applied. We work with over 70 airports across the globe seeking solutions and ensuring fairness of the whole slot process. Ensuring efficient use of capacity and better operational performance for the benefit of airport operators, airlines and passengers.

ACL’s global reach and thirty years of experience allows us to drive the highest possible efficiency from constrained airport infrastructure, whilst providing data-driven solutions to support commercial activities and airport growth ambitions. Whatever the size of your airport or the nature of your need. ACL has the capability to provide long-term solutions to support your business.

What our customers say:
‘ACL have a strong, responsive and dedicated team which makes ACL an easy choice for us.’ Dubai International Airport, UAE

‘ACL’s team has been instrumental in supporting and guiding our Airport through the most challenging period in our industry. For a smaller Airport with limited resources, the support has been much appreciated.’ Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto, Canada

‘Couldn’t ask for more given that ACL always gives 100%’ Auckland Airport, New Zealand

‘ACL continue to provide valuable day to day and strategic support to all three MAG airports. Their understanding of the challenges faced by each airport is comprehensive and they continue to be a trusted partner.’ MAG Airports, UK(London Stansted Airport, Manchester Airport and East Midlands Airport)

Our Services
Airport slot coordination is the centre of what we do, but at ACL, we also have plenty of other specialities and services to help your business. We know there are a huge range of services and activities needed to ensure smooth airport operations, great customer service and a resourceful air-travel industry. Our expert team support your business through our diverse coordination services including complex, special event coordination; the provision of schedule data from our airports; top-of-the-range online coordination technology; and thorough, fact-based consultancy and training.

Our Coordination Services:
ACL coordinate‘s your airports’ runway, terminals, security, check in and parking in line with local rules and applicable Slot Regulations, allowing us to maximise the best use of the declared capacity. We use our established airline relationships to work with each airline to deliver the optimum outcome which meets both the airlines commercial requirements and your airport’s ability to deliver a strong operational performance.

Coordination Services include,

  • Slot Coordination- for constrained IATA Level 3 airports.
  • Slot Facilitation -for IATA Level 2 airports experiencing seasonal and daily peaks.
  • Data Collection – for IATA Level 1 airports requiring a robust and reliable schedule.
  • Special Event Coordination – for one off occasions where airport demand is expected to far exceed traditional levels.
  • Online Coordination- OCS, the Online Communication System used by 118 airports in 31 countries globally.
  • Consultancy and training- fact based consultancy from experienced professionals overseeing the worlds most constrained airports.

Airport Schedule Data Supplier
ACL manage the airline schedules of each of the 70+ airports they coordinate. As a result, ACL’s flight schedule data is the most accurate and timely data available, showcasing the full schedule with all flights, changes and cancellations as they happen. We supply this data in bespoke formats to companies working in and around airports relying on accurate flight schedules. Knowing your business has the most accurate and up-to-date airport schedule data is crucial to ensuring smooth and precise operations and limit resource-wasting.

About Airport Coordination Limited
ACL was established as an independent airport slot coordinator in 1991. Starting with a team of 10 employees, ACL was responsible for coordination at five of Britain’s largest airports as well as Bermuda Airport. ACL was founded as an independent, non-profit making company (limited by guarantee). Our formation preceded the EU Commission’s recommendation for neutral, transparent and independent coordinators and this dedication to independence and transparency has continued throughout our history.

Several decades later, ACL now serves over 70 airports worldwide, across four continents. We employ over 40 dedicated experts, have four offices globally and provide services for 30 of the world’s most congested airports. Airport Coordination Limited is proud to call itself the world’s largest and oldest independent, airport slot coordinator.

Our many years in coordination has seen us manage the London 2012 Olympic games, coordinate both of Dubai Airport’s runway closures and assist the world’s busiest single runway airport, London Gatwick, in increasing their busiest day movements by 4.8%.

As we look forward, ACL aim to continue to provide, independent and fair access to airports, using our expertise and technological innovation to develop, invest in and deliver coordination excellence.

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