Airport Information Systems

Integrated Airport Management System

AIS products are live across several airports around the world, and we have been serving in the aviation industry for 36+ years and counting. We have a proven track record of helping airports optimize their operations and improve efficiency. Our prime mission is to work in true partnership with our airport customers to continuously strive to enhance our products and services.

Our Aeronautical Billing system, ALDIS, offers accurate and highly configurable charging of movements. Users can create rates, discounts, surcharges, block bookings and more. The system has been implemented at over thirty airports worldwide.

ALDIS also contains a wealth of reports and audits, including the ALDIS extract. This is our simple to use yet powerful data extraction tool for generating ad-hoc reports for statistical analysis. The system also provides all required CAA AvStats and NATS statistics.

ALDIS links with standard financial management systems including the following:

  • SAP
  • SUN Accounting
  • Sage Line 50
  • Sage Line 200
  • Exchequer
  • Access Accounting
  • Pegasus

AFIDS is our data collection and real time processing software. Data is gathered in real-time and is used by the ALDIS software to create accurate invoices. The system can handle data collection for a variety of roles around an airport, including:

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Handling Agents
  • Apron Management
  • Fuellers

This information is also used in the real time Cash Invoicing System and sent to FIDSnet for relevant information to be displayed around the airport.

Finally, the flight Information Display System (FIDSnet) offers the latest in display techniques using state-of-the-art 4K TVs with Android OS, reducing cost and complexity. FIDSnet takes relevant and configurable information from AFIDS and displays the information to screens around the airport with a highly customisable design to suit the airport’s needs. The screens include:

  • Bilingual remarks by flight with scrolling as required.
  • Logos and flight numbers fade in/out for up to 3 code share flights.
  • Up to 6 multi-sector origin/destination airports with information scrolling as required.
  • Banner advertising or airport messages.
  • FIDSnet comes with a suite of simple to use utilities to make management of the screens intuitive and quick when changes are desired.


Airport Information Systems
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